Mosab Ahmad

Senior software engineer, product & infrastructure @ zlabs


Hello, world! I am a passionate software engineer, supposedly a geek, a caffeine junkie, a food lover, an open source/free software believer, and in a love/hate relationship with running. Currently living in Cairo, Egypt.


Grid status now
Egypt's Power Grid Load Status As A Web Service. A service parses the data in the Load Meter provided by The Egyptian Electric Utility and Consumer Protection Regulatory Agency (EGYPTERA) and presents it in a more human friendly way. It also provides an API so other developers can build other web and mobile applications on top of it.
Toggl target
At work, long time ago, we had to track our working hours on Toggl (, so I created this small project to calculate how many hours I should work to achieve my monthly goals.
Power close
A browser addon, for the tab addict, to close all tabs with a domain name. For example, if you have many facebook tabs open and not in order, you can just use this addon, write "", hit enter and voila, all facebook tabs are now closed! It works on both firefox and chrome. Code is on github.
The best of the internet for Arab users! A platform that collects and aggregates interesting content for Arab internet users. Currently it serves only videos, but soon will serve other stuff as well.


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