Mosab Ahmad

A software engineer (& dad) in the make..

Hello, world! I am Mosab Ahmad. A passionate software engineer, supposedly a geek, a caffeine junkie, a food lover, an open source/free software believer and an entrepreneur in the make. Currently living in Cairo, Egypt.

Power Close, My First Firefox Addon

I open a lot of tabs on firefox, and I mean A LOT! I was searching for addons to help me close tabs as fast as I open them so that I would keep the rate of open tabs steady. The best I found was something that closed duplicate tabs.

I usually have a lot of tabs from the same domain name open most of the time when I am researching something, or even when I am surfing facebook. So I thought it would be cool if I could close tabs belonging to a specific domain name, and not just duplicate.

Heading For The Dark Ages!

[tl;dr? Check the graph at the end of the post]

In Egypt we are having an electricity crisis. It started in Mubrak's presidency, the dude ousted by the great Jan 2011 Revolution. After his removal, the crises started to deepen.

Introducing The “Raspberry Pi Kitchen” Project (PiKitchen)

Having taken that Raspberry Pi workshop, I thought I could make use of that. So I came up with the idea of attaching a Pi to a touch screen. Every co-worker would receive a secret number to unlock the screen and log in. They would then see a list of the available products and would just mark what they took. The pi would then save their purchase, with a timestamp.

My Sublime Text 2 Setup

I have been suffering for a while with IDEs, and ventured out to see what options do I have. I ended up using mainly Vim and Sublime for a long while now, and my life was never easier and I was never happier! In this post however I am talking about my Sublime Text Setup.

Toggl Target : An Open Source Project Of My Own

At our company, Yubb Software, we track our working hours using the great time tracker created by the folks at Toggl, and we have monthly goals that we need to achieve. I have always had a problem with time management, and this time I decided I should start working on them.

Joining Yubb Software

I am very excited to join Yubb Software, a brilliant software development company.

I have worked with the founders and some of the workers there in previous companies, and I love this group. The project we are working on is challenging, and the role I am supposed to play is very interesting.

They are working from a co-working space called The District, which is even more cool :)

I am looking forward for a bunch of hard working months to come.

Reading Data from Excel Sheets in Python

On May 22nd 2012 I was approached by the official campaign of the presidential candidate "Abolfotoh".

They needed help setting up a Google App Engine application.

It was an interactive map that uses Google Maps to plot data about voters and polling stations.

What they wanted further was to create another application to collect data from their official representatives on the ground and use this tool

to feed the Google App Engine application with data.

Poor Man's Guide for Monitoring a Website Using Python

In one of the projects I am working on there was a problem with Apache server. It went down almost on a daily basis, and we were reading the logs to get the bottom of the root cause. But untill we got our solution we needed to monitor the server's accssibility through the web, and get alerted if it went down, and ultimately restart it when this happened.

So I fired up my console and text editor and started hacking a little script to do the above mentioned side goals.

Installing Gdata Python Client on Dreamhost

Our company's website is hosted on Dreamhost. Today I needed to write a python script that utilizes some of Youtube's APIs to send us a daily digest of videos we are interested in, so I ran into the problem of needing to install a python library on our hosting account which I don't have root or admin access to.

Here is what I did.

I Started Learning Python

I have joined a relatively new startup called Inmobly.

I am working on two extremely interesting projects, but that is not What I came here to say. I have started learning Python and I am simply stunned! This programming language is Amazing, Guido van Rossum did an amazing job creating this bless.

For example check their "zen philosophy" that is hidden in an easter egg in any python shell, just type "import this" and you will get this :