Mosab Ahmad
About Projects 2014

Hello, world! I am Mosab Ahmad, a passionate software engineer, supposedly a geek, a caffeine junkie, a food lover, an open source/free software believer and an entrepreneur in the make. Currently living in Cairo, Egypt.

28 Sep 2014 Power Close, My First Firefox Addon
18 Aug 2014 Heading For The Dark Ages!
31 Dec 2013 Introducing The “Raspberry Pi Kitchen” Project (PiKitchen)
01 Oct 2013 Enabling Fringerprint Reader On Ubuntu 13.04
20 Jun 2013 My Sublime Text 2 Setup
17 Jun 2013 Toggl Target : An Open Source Project Of My Own
01 Mar 2013 Joining Yubb Software
19 Feb 2013 Reading Data from Excel Sheets in Python
11 Feb 2013 Poor Man's Guide for Monitoring a Website Using Python
29 Nov 2012 Installing Gdata Python Client on Dreamhost
08 Feb 2012 I Started Learning Python
13 Sep 2009 "Bank Masr" Security Exposure
16 Jun 2009 The Email I Sent To Microsoft
11 Mar 2009 Caffeine Code Cycle